Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Reading 2014 Pinocula (The Creature from My Closet #3)

The latest adventure in Obert Skye's The Creature from My Closet series features a creature called Pinocula that is part Pinocchio and part Dracula. For those of you who have missed the earlier adventures, here's the 4-1-1: Rob Burnside has a bunch of stuff crammed into his closet and lately strange creatures have been emerging from the mess. First there was Wonkenstein (half Willy Wonka/half Frankenstein's monster), and then there was Potterwookiee (half Harry Potter/half Chewbacca). To figure out how to care for the creatures, Rob has to read the books that they came from. Finding a copy of <i>Dracula</i> turns out to be hard to do. Vampires have become so popular lately that all the books about them are checked out of the school library, Rob is banned from the public library for some earlier misbehavior, so he winds up borrowing a copy from his friend Trevor's mother. Then he joins a neighborhood book club to read <i>Pinocchio</i>. While he is busy trying to figure out how to deal with Pinocula and his half bat/half cricket pet named Jim, Rob also tells an increasing number of lies that snowball out of control. By the end of the book nearly everyone he knows is mad at him.

The illustrations that Rob includes in his account of the adventure are very funny and add even more humor to the story. Fans of <i>Diary of a Wimpy Kid</i>, <i>Big Nate</i>, and other journal type books will probably add this series to their "must read" lists. Readers who like stories where unexplained or magical things happen such as the Spiderwick stories or the Notebook of Doom series will also probably enjoy Rob's adventures.

We just added this book to the library from our spring book fair.


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