Friday, April 4, 2014

David Sargent Author Visit

The afternoon of April 2, 2014 was an exciting time at Fairview Elementary. Arkansas author, David M. Sargent Jr. came to visit us. He also brought the dogs who are the inspirations for his books - Emma, Tatum, Daphne, and Spike. I snapped as many photos as I could and here are some of the highlights.

 Ms. Godfrey holds Tatum.

Emma sings for us while cuddling with Mrs. Guion and Mrs. Freeman.

A dance for us to enjoy.
 Kaylee and Spike read together.
 Riley and Spike choose books in the library.
 Sawyer, Kaylee,and Riley help pack up after the visit.

Riley, Sawyer, and Kaylee pose with Tatum.

An actual "pup"tent for the dogs to rest in during the visit.
 David Sargent and Tatum, "Queen of the Universe."
 Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Baxter both wanted to hold Spike during the rest of the presentation.
 David reads aloud from Emma! He's showing the page where she is eating his shoes.
 Ms. Costner with David and Spike.
 Mrs. Guion was very pleased to hold Emma after her part in the presentation.
 Mrs. Baxter helped Spike say good-bye to everyone as they left the gym.
Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Campbell gave Spike some attention as he sat with the fourth grade on the bleachers. After their race to see who would get to hold Spike, Mrs. Baxter was kind enough to let Mrs. Kerr have the first turn.

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