Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Winter Reading 2015 The Dragon Lantern


In the proud tradition of "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," (although without the racier bits), comes The League of Seven. There have been various leagues throughout history, as far back as Atlantis. Archie, Hachi, and Fergus are believed to be the first three members of a new league. With guidance from the Septemberist Society, a group dedicated to remembering the leagues and watching for signs that they were needed again, these young people are attempting to find and bring back an artifact known as the Dragon Lantern. The leader of the society believes that the lantern is extremely powerful and also will provide answers to some of the mysteries puzzling the league and society members. Each of the kids has some sort of incredible power that helps them in their endeavors. Archie is nearly indestructible and very strong (picture the Fantastic Four's Thing, but in human form). Hachi is a Seminole girl with incredible athletic powers. Fergus MacFerguson, complete with kilt, is a brilliant inventor and maker of gadgets - I picture a very young, steampunk version of Star Trek's Scottie. 

Their world is an alternative version of the 1870s, with the Transcontinental railroad not yet completed, and many steam-driven machines like robotic butlers and even giant steam men armed with heavy artillery and carrying troops inside. Famous people from our world are present in their alternate personas. George Custer commands one of the steam men. Edison is around. So is Robert E. Lee. You get the idea. In their world, terribly dangerous creatures known as the Mangleborn must be defeated and imprisoned to prevent them from enslaving all of humanity. The league's members come from all over the world with their skills to track down and capture Manglespawn.

For fans of steampunk, ensemble hero stories, and fantasy/action adventures, the League of Seven is a wonderful recipe for fun. Recommended for readers of The Glass Sentence or The Rithmatist.

I read a preview excerpt (8 chapters), provided by the publisher through NetGalley. And now I have to go back and read the first book in the series so that I will be ready when this second installment comes out in June.

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