Monday, June 26, 2017

Spring Reading 2017 DC Super Hero Girls: Summer Olympus


Diana and her friends at Super Hero High are ready for summer break, and everyone has fun plans for their time off. For young Wonder Woman, there is an invitation to spend time with her father's side of the family in Olympus. So Diana and her pal Bumblebee are hanging out with the Olympian gods and demigods when Batgirl, Beast Boy, and Katana come across a mysterious thief who is stealing classic artifacts from museums across Europe. But eventually these story lines will have to merge, because the stolen items all belong to Diana's half-siblings from her father Zeus.

Summer Olympus is a mix of school story, super hero action, and summer adventure. It also features the half-goddess side of Wonder Woman's background. This could be an introduction to mythology, or for readers who already have an interest, it can be a different view of these ancient literary figures. Perhaps the most important theme in the story is friendship. We see different groupings of the characters who choose to spend their vacation together, and interactions between the characters through phone calls and social media. But the power of their "sisterhood" may not be enough to overcome the villains.

Whether you are already interested in the characters, or this is an introduction to them, these stories show these young women (and a few of their male friends), learning to handle their powers and becoming the figures we are more familiar with in their adult personas.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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