Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library


Book lovers of the world, unite! Eddie is a bug on a mission. He leaves the safety of his family's crack in the classroom wall and heads down the long, echoing hallway of Ferny Creek to reach the library. Why? Because his beloved Aunt Min went to the library and hasn't returned. But when he reaches her, he finds out there is an even bigger problem - the library is in danger. So what can one tiny bug do to prevent the library from being converted into a computerized testing center? Using everything he's learned from books he has read or that Aunt Min has told him about, Eddie comes up with a plan. He will leave a message for the "squishers" (humans). Min has an idea of what to say, "Those children are hungry for stories - I've seen that day after day! - and what are you thinking, robbing them of stories and giving them tests instead." Eddie agrees with the sentiment, but thinks of a more concise way to state it. If he can only get the squishers to pay attention, the library just might have a chance. 

This book has everything a reader and library lover could want. There are wonderful references to other books and Eddie often finds inspiration from his favorite characters. The tradition of reading within his family is a wonderful example for youngsters; they can see how the habit was passed from his grandfather, to Aunt Min, to Eddie, and then on to his younger brother Alfie. Having a "tiny hero" that can live within the school and come out when the students go home allows readers to see the school setting from a completely different perspective. And they can also see that size doesn't matter because "A writer's a writer, no matter how small," as Aunt Min says.

Highly recommended for middle grades and up. Perfect for a read-aloud. The "Bugliography" in the back is great for readers whose interest is piqued by all the references to other stories.

I read an advance copy supplied by the publisher for review purposes.

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