Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Reading 2013 Who Could That Be at This Hour?

Who Could That Be At This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions, # 1) is an interesting book. As a sort of prequel to The Series of Unfortunate Events, it introduces us to the narrator from those books when he is only a child. He tells us that he asked all the wrong questions when he began his training as an agent and he takes us through the mission as it happened. While we read, we begin to ask questions, too. Where did he come from? Who are his parents? Why is he in this situation? We are trying to solve two mysteries at once - that of the narrator and that of the case he is working on.

During the mission, he spends some time in the local library and he also talks about many books. It would be entertaining to guess which books he is referring to during the story. That really makes three mysteries to solve. So, if you enjoy a good mystery or just like Snicket's style, you should read this new series. For more info check out the series website and don't forget to watch the trailer.

(I think all the Lemony Snicket books are great for vocabulary, a word which here means - learning new terms and how they may be used in conversation or writing.)

Lemony Snicket #1 book cover

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