Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Reading 2013 The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna

I just read an e-book version of The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna by Demi. We have several other books by Demi in the library, such as a biography of Mother Theresa and a book on Saint Nicholas. This book would be a good addition to our religion and mythology section - especially since we don't have many books on Hinduism. Check for more information at the publisher's website.

This is a good introduction to the mythology surrounding Krishna, Vishnu and the rest of their pantheon. Demi's books are always interesting and well illustrated. This one is no exception; I especially liked the way the illustrations were done in a style to reflect the culture of the story. Krishna triumphs against every demon sent to harm those around him or to kill him. Even when he is a small child his size doesn't prevent him from finding a way to beat each foe. There is plenty of action to keep your attention, even though you can guess how it will end long before you ever reach the last page. I would recommend this to anyone interested in world religions and mythology, or anyone who enjoys stories like "Clash of the Titans."

Fantastic Adventures of Krishna, The

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