Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall Reading 2016 Marine Biology: Cool Women Who Dive


The Girls in Science series from Nomad Press has some wonderful titles. The book on marine biology features the biographies of three women from different careers within the field. Laura Mullineaux is senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Ashanti Johnson is a chemical oceanographer, and Natalie Arnoldi is a marine biologist. Those three profiles share details on how each woman developed an interest in the ocean and what led them to their career path. Along the way, other marine geologists, ichthyologists, and conservationists, are also spotlighted.

Before the biographies, the book discusses the importance of marine life. Cultures as far apart as Babylon, China, and the Inuits all have myths of sea deities and creatures. Aristotle wrote about marine biology in 352 B.C. and Charles Darwin wrote about coral reefs in 1842. All of these are predecessors of present day studies. Archival photos and images add to the information presented in the text. Readers can use the QR codes that link to online resources like NOAA's tour of the Aquarius, demonstrations by NASA marine scientists, and see Rachel Carson in the CBS program "Silent Spring." 

With information about underwater robots, submersibles, and microbiologists, this book makes sure to show the wide variety of jobs and careers available under the umbrella of marine biology. Whether readers are already fascinated by the ocean or simply exploring a new interest, there is plenty for them to delve into among the text, timeline, glossary, and resource lists. A great addition to a STEM program, a unit on careers, or for use with a study of marine life.

I won a copy of the book in a giveaway sponsored by the publisher.

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