Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall Reading 2016 this ORQ. (he #1!)


Orq is a caveboy who has the perfect life. His pet Woma ( a woolly mammoth) loves him. Orq can run fast, climb high, throw far. Everyone thinks Orq is #1...until Torq and his giant sloth Slomo move in next door. Suddenly Orq is not the best at everything and all his admirers turn their attention to Torq. What can Orq do to reclaim his place in the hearts of the community?

This is Orq's third book. He has dealt with bullies, convinced his mother that a woolly mammoth is a good pet, and now he has to figure out a way to get back on top. It is especially annoying that Torq loves his own success so much and even does a taunting victory dance. But when Torq has an emergency, it is up to Orq to save the day.

Young readers will enjoy the text with it's "caveman" way of talking. "This Orq. He #1." And Orq's plight is something that everyone can relate to; we've all had the experience of being bested at something. His mother's advice will also sound familiar to many of us. This is a story to share with anyone dealing with setbacks and disappointments, or those having trouble making friends with a new classmate or neighbor.

For teachers and librarians working with Makerspaces and STEM, it will be especially appealing to have a caveboy inventor to share with their students and patrons. 

I received a copy from the publisher for review purposes.

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