Sunday, July 5, 2020

Summer Reading 2020 Dark Song (Dark #30)


Those of you familiar with Christine Feehan will know that she is hailed as the "Queen of Paranormal Romance." Her Dark Carpathian books are just one of the many series that she continuously adds to. If you haven't heard of her before, these books are full of men with scars (physical and emotional) from long centuries of fighting vampires, as well as battling the temptation to become one of the undead themselves. The women are from a variety of backgrounds, some human, some Carpathian, but all have some tragedy in their lives. When the two fated lifemates find each other, their complementary strengths help them to rise above all the terrible happenings in their pasts and forge a partnership that is healing for them both.

In this thirtieth installment, Elisabeta Trigovise has been rescued from the clutches of a vampire, but has no idea how to survive out in the world on her own. Her lifemate, Ferro Arany, is a battle-hardened warrior that many fear will be too old-fashioned to deal with her as gently as she needs. While the two of them try to work out their relationship, the area where they live is under attack from an army of undead led by the vampire who held Elisabeta captive for centuries. Between the others trying to intervene and make Elisabeta an independent female and Ferro a more modern/liberal male, an unknown contagion that is spreading violence among children and adults alike, and the looming threat of the vampires - how will the couple ever find the time to become acquainted with one other, much less heal past trauma and find a way to function in the community?  

One of the enjoyable things about this series is the way characters from previous books reappear and their stories connect with the new plot. This time readers will see Traian (Elisabeta's brother) and his wife Joie (Dark Descent), young Josef (who has featured in several books - Dark Symphony and Dark Wolf especially), along with many of the brotherhood of ancient warriors who have travelled to America in the hopes of finding their lifemates. Each time one of the unattached warriors is mentioned, readers will wonder which will be next to have their own story in the series.

Recommended for mature readers who enjoy paranormal romance and do not mind explicit details of intimate encounters between the characters. Publication date is set for September 1.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley for review purposes.

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