Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Reading 2013 The Notebook of Doom: Day of the Night Crawlers

This is the second in the series of adventures featuring Alexander and his friends (the first was Rise of the Balloon Goons). At first Al and his friend Rip think that Megaworms are attacking their town, but they turn out to be regular night crawlers. But what is making the worms come out onto the surface instead of staying in the soil? The boys have to rely on the trusty SSMP notebook and its information because their ally Mr. Hoarsely has gone missing. They get some unexpected help from a girl in their class, but they also get a weird new gym teacher named Coach Gill. The coach always wears a padded fencing outfit complete with a masked helmet - and she never takes it off.

The Notebook of Doom is a good series for readers who enjoy shorter chapter books and like the heavily illustrated style of Wimpy Kid or Big Nate. The action and humor are nonstop and the illustrations add to the laughs. Author Troy Cummings knows how to make monsters funny and he's also made a website for the series. Scholastic has a trailer for the series. *Update: We added the first 4 books in the series to our library 2/21/2014.

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