Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Reading 2013 Nursery Rhyme Delights

This collection of classic nursery rhymes is newly illustrated by Kristi Abbott using collage, mixed media, and typography. The e-book I received from the publisher through NetGalley was only a sample, so I haven't seen every page. What I did see was a very cleverly done representation of Humpty Dumpty that made me want to go get my own scissors, glue, and scrapbook paper. If the rest of the book is like the sample, then I can imagine parents and children enjoying the illustrations together and finding new details to look at each time they open the book. It might also inspire some other future collage artists to experiment with this process of illustration. The book is scheduled for release on October 15, 2013. Until then you can check out the author's blog to see more of her work.

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