Friday, November 1, 2013

Don't Push the Button! Blog Tour

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Bill Cotter's blog tour for his fabulous picture book, Don't Push the Button! I posted some thoughts on the book this summer, and then I heard about the blog tour and couldn't wait to help spread the word.

I asked Bill, "How did your students inspire you to create the book?"
Bill replied:
"My favorite part about teaching in a pre-k program was that at any free moment we were reading a picture book to them. Books were perfect when the teachers needed something for the kids to concentrate on during snack time, when they were waiting for others to finish washing hands after art, or if a parent or sitter was late picking them up. I found myself reading several books on a daily basis. 

It was extremely beneficial to be able to sit down with kids and observe first hand how they reacted to different kinds of stories, characters, colors, textures, you name it. I tried my best to absorb these experiences and boil things down to the main elements that young kids react to: bright colors, simple design, a catch phrase, a character talking directly at them, and a way to physically interact with the story. "Don't Push the Button!" came out of me trying to create the most fun book experience possible using these elements.

I feel like the best proof that this works is this video that a fan sent to my publisher. View video.

The interactive part of the book was very much inspired by the teaching philosophy of where I worked, the Church Street School for Music & Art in New York City. Being physically engaged with the activity is crucial for a student at this young age. Every song that the kids learn has accompanying hand gestures. The gestures help them learn the words and vice versa. In art class we are constantly making the student verbalize the different materials and textures they encounter. I feel like the experience is better solidified in the child’s mind if there are more than one of the senses are being engaged. "

A big "Thank you!" to Bill for including us in his blog tour.
Remember - Don't Push the Button!

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