Monday, December 2, 2013

Fall Reading 2013 The Werewolf at Home Plate

Karl longs to be a baseball star like his hero, Wolfenstein, but he doesn't make the team when he tries out for the Monster League. Just when he thinks his dream is out of reach - he finds out that 8 other kids have not made it onto their teams either. And so the Scream Team is born. Of course they have lots of obstacles to overcome - no equipment, no coach, no uniforms, and a team of all sorts of monsters has never been done. Can this band of misfits pull it together and actually make it into the League?

This story is fun to read and full of hilarious scenes - like the werewolf getting nervous and chasing his tail rather than paying attention to the game. It also has some good lessons to be learned about persistence, determination, cooperation, and using your strengths. Readers who enjoy books like the Black Lagoon series or the Bailey School Kids will want to add this to their reading list.

We have this book (which is the first in the series), as well as The Vampire at Half Court - a basketball adventure for Karl and the Scream Team. Visit Bill Doyle's website for more information about the author and his books. Jared Lee, the illustrator, also has his own website. The Scholastic Book Clubs have a video featuring the series.


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