Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Reading 2014 Plastic, Ahoy! Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This type of narrative nonfiction is perfect for capturing the attention of young readers. The vivid color photos add more interest to a story that is fascinating all on its own. Plastic, Ahoy! tells about a scientific expedition to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the researchers who were on the voyage. Each of the featured researchers focused on a different question,such as how the plastic floating in the ocean affects phytoplankton. General questions guided their initial study, but as they worked they refined or even changed the questions they were asking. Descriptions of the boat's size and layout, the equipment used, and maps of the area that was explored are provided as part of the story.

Young ocean lovers and environmentally conscious readers will be drawn in to the myriad ways that plastic impacts the area that was studied. The details of the journey cover the scientific method, food chains, photosynthesis, and many other concepts that relate to science lessons in all grade levels. The social aspect of man's impact on the environment is readily evident, but the book also includes practical ideas for cutting down on plastic usage or raising awareness. There is a list of books and websites for further reading and a useful glossary and index are provided. This would make a good addition to any school library.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley. The book will be published April 1, 2014.
Until then, you can check out the websites for the books creators - Annie Crawley and Patricia Newman. Or, you might want to watch the trailer for a glimpse into the world of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


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