Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Reading 2015 A Plague of Bogles


Alfred Bunce has given up bogling and moved to another part of town, but it seems that bogling is not through with him. When Jem hears that someone is selling tickets to a show supposedly exhibiting Birdie and her ability to lure bogles, he heads straight over to tell Alfred all about it. Soon, it seems that there are bogles in every corner and under every drain. Mr. Bunce, Birdie, Miss Eames, Jem, and Ned are very disturbed by the "plague" of bogles, since it is extremely unusual for the monsters to have lairs so close together. Complaints are coming in from spots all over the area - a boys' school, a churchyard, a tavern, the sewer - and more keep being found. But at the same time, Jem is determined to find Sarah Pickles, who once sold him as bogle bait. While looking for clues to why the bogles are behaving so strangely, he is also questioning everyone he meets about Sarah. Between Birdie's rebellion against living quietly with Miss Eames and the manager of the bogle show, Mr. Lubbock, trying to cash in on Alfred's bogle hunts, there is never a a moment just to relax with some cider by the fire. How can one bogler and a few children possibly keep all of London safe?

Fans of How to Catch a Bogle will be delighted with the second book in the trilogy as we see all the characters we loved and meet some new ones, too.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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