Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall Reading 2015 Battle of the Bots (Robots Rule! #3)


Our hero, George Gearing is back at work trying to retrieve the digitized forms of his parents from where they are trapped inside the equipment in their secret laboratory. Since much of the equipment was damaged or destroyed in the fight with Micron (see the second book, Lots of Bots, for details), George is forced to piece together replacements for many of the devices and he only has the contents of his uncle's junkyard to use for materials. Even being a child genius has its limits and when Micron contacts him and offers to help restore his parents to prove he has turned over a new leaf, George is terribly tempted.

I can't say much more about the story without giving away important plot points, but I can tell you that this final installment of the series is full of twists, turns, and surprises. The names of the characters always make me laugh - Mr. Cog, Dr. Droid, Mrs. Glitch, Principal Qwerty, Patrice Volt and the other residents of Terabyte Heights all tickle my funny bone with their tech-related names. And I love George's friends - his faithful robot companion Jackbot and his best friend Anne Droid. Together with Anne's robotic dog Sparky I think the kids could take on anything and come out on top, although a little help from grownups like Uncle Otto is always nice.

If you enjoy stories with robots and technical gadgets, cool stories about kids being able to work together and stand up to evil, or stories where a gigantic mechanical spider is terrorizing a town and vaporizing the citizens, then you should read this book right away. For those who haven't read the earlier books in the series, you have missed out on a treat and should indulge yourself with them to make up for it.

I read an advance copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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