Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Reading 2016 DC Super Hero Girls: Finals Crisis

Super Hero High School is on the brink of semester finals and everyone is following their own routine to get ready. Some go out for snacks. Some try to find a quiet place to study. Others spar and work on their physical combat and stealth skills. One group heads out looking for villains to catch for extra credit points, while another group goes over flashcards. But as they all do what they can to prepare, someone is picking off students one by one and kidnapping them. Who is doing it and why? Is it a super villain with some plot to carry out? Perhaps it is one of the other students, trying to eliminate some competition for top scores?

Besides the story line of the abductions, there is also a bit of Super Girl's backstory. She shares with the Kents some events that happened back on Krypton before she was sent to Earth. It seems that there were bullies on her home planet, just as there are here in our solar system. She also has test anxiety, which is something that many readers can identify with. And the final showdown with the mysterious kidnapper shows what the students have learned in a very hands-on way.

It is fun to see the characters as teens still perfecting their skills and growing into their powers. The fact that some of them eventually become villains in their adult lives makes it very interesting to see them all as friends in these stories. Overall, the combination of favorite characters, a school setting, their interactions in that setting, and the mystery of the kidnappings combine to make an entertaining story and leave plenty of room for future adventures. Fans of shows like "Teen Titans" will find the same vibe.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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