Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer Reading 2016 Gracie Meets a Ghost


With simple illustrations and easy vocabulary, Gracie Meets a Ghost is the perfect book for a child who has just begun wearing classes. The story mentions that Gracie couldn't read because the letters were blurry, and that she bought a pair of glasses. Her friends tease her, but Gracie doesn't let it upset her. The images show Gracie realizing at bedtime that she does not have her glasses and going back out to look for them. And that is when the fun really starts. With her blurry vision Gracie has encounters with some wildlife because she mistakenly thinks that parts of their bodies are actually her glasses. The owl's eyes reflect light just as her lenses would, and the mouse's tail curls just like the earpiece. But what will really amuse children is the disappointed ghost who can't scare Gracie because she can't see well enough to realize to whom she is speaking.

For kids going through the adjustment of getting used to glasses, the humor in this book will help to ease the transition. Even young readers who don't wear glasses will have fun with the mistaken identity and the frustrated ghost. It might also be a good book to use in a lesson about teasing. Her friends tease about her glasses; the owl calls her rude; and the mouse calls her foolish. Students could discuss how they would feel to be called names over something they can't control - like their eyesight and whether they wear glasses or not.

The illustrations have just enough detail to convey personality and emotion without being too cluttered. And the style is one that readers may imitate as Gracie becomes a new favorite character. It might also be fun to try and create their own nighttime scenes using a painting app or torn & cut paper collage.

Recommended for preschool - elementary ages.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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