Saturday, December 31, 2016

Winter Reading 2017 One to Ten: Squirrels' Bad Day


Besides the "If You Were Me" series that introduces young readers to countries around the world, and the entertaining Captain No Beard stories, Carole P. Roman also writes books that help children learn important coping skills. In One to Ten, readers see Squirrel devastated because she drops all the acorns she has gathered. When she acts as if it is the end of the world, her friends help her to put things into perspective. They talk through examples of other situations and help each other rate them on a scale of one to ten. By doing this, Squirrel and the others demonstrate how it is done and give children a great tool to use when they are facing a negative situation.

Perfect for parents or teachers trying to help children deal with disappointments or worries. Along with the supportive friends in the story, the illustrations also create a comforting atmosphere with their warm colors and scenes of friendship. Highly recommended for preschool and up.

I received a copy from the author for review purposes.

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