Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 The World's Greatest Detective


Toby Montrose is no stranger to trouble; it has dogged him since he was eight years old - and he's eleven now. So he can recognize trouble trying to slip under the door or hovering in the corners, and the bills marked past due and last notice that are arriving in his uncle's mail are sure signs of its presence. Since his parents were lost while boating, Toby has moved from one relative's care to another, and if Uncle Gabriel can't keep him, then it will be the city orphanage next. When a detective contest with a $10,000 prize is announced, Toby knows that winning it could get rid of trouble for good.

Sadly, one of the detectives is murdered before the contest even begins. And that isn't even the worst problem Toby has. There is a house full of suspects, each with a good reason for wanting the man dead. Toby is only his uncle's assistant, and hasn't ever solved any cases on his own. His uncle isn't there for the contest and the only person willing to work with Toby is Ivy, the unusual daughter of the family hosting the event. And things just keep going wrong. Will Toby ever banish trouble for good?

Full of humor, twists and turns in the plot, a lovable dog named Percival, eccentric characters, and sympathetic protagonist, is an entertaining romp that feels like a junior version of an Agatha Christie story. Highly recommended for middle grades and up.

I read an advance copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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