Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fall Reading 2017 Apex (Hunter, #3)


In this third installment, Elite Hunter Joy is still trying to uncover what the head of PsiCorps is plotting. Abigail Drift is well known for her ambition, but could she actually be planning to sabotage the Hunters just to make her own service look good? And why are the attacks from the Others suddenly so organized? It seems that there is now field leadership in the attacks and a malicious intelligence is out to wear down the defenses of Apex City and all the smaller human settlements. How do you fight enemies on two fronts, especially when one is supposed to be on your side?

With all the political intrigue, monstrous attacks, and general tension cranked up from the first two books, Apex will have readers staying up past bedtime or ignoring their responsibilities to keep reading and see what happens. Great action. Massive intrigue. Heroics. Everything you need in a good read. Pick up the whole series if you don't already have them.

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