Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Winter Reading 2018 Monsters Beware (Chronicles of Claudette #3)


Claudette continues to yearn for adventure. After her previous battles with giants and dragons, she is more determined than ever to win fame and glory with her courage. The Marquis who rules Mont Petit Pierre does not approve of Claudette's behavior or her influence on his own daughter, Marie. When Claudette manages to be chosen for the Warrior Games, the stakes are very high. Either she wins, or she has to dress as a little lady and give up her wooden sword and Marie will be sent away to boarding school. The home team has got to win! But something is going on with the Games. Teams keep disappearing, and there's something fishy about the team from the sea kingdom (yes, pun intended). Can a princess in training, a great cook, and a tiny warrior with a wooden sword actually win the Games and defeat any trickery?

In this fantasy adventure suitable for all ages there is plenty of action, humor, and surprises to keep readers turning the page. Claudette's single-minded focus on winning, even in the crazy competitions of the Warrior Games will have readers shaking their heads. Hunting for truffles? Milking cows and churning your own butter? What sort of warrior activities are these? And if the Games are safe, then where are all the missing competitors? She may be tiny, but she is mighty and then some. You have to read all about Claudette's latest feats.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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