Saturday, May 19, 2018

Spring Reading 2018 Dreaming of You


Readers see legs clad in footie pajamas and a stuffed monkey being carried along by one arm. "A-ha!" they think, "A bedtime story." Yes, and one that never shows the child inside those pajamas, but introduces animals that children love. The rhyming text talks of kittens "dreaming of pouncing on yarn" and puppies "dreaming of long, waggy walks." VanDerwater uses repetition and rhythm in a style reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown. The circular pattern of the text takes readers from the bed of the sleeping child - out into the habitats of the various animals - then back to that peaceful bedroom, but this time the sun is now rising. 

Each spread shows a different animal - tadpoles, turtles, robins, horses, chipmunks, fishes and fireflies. All of these young creatures are pictured in their usual setting; kittens climb on bales of hay in the barn while tadpoles splash around lily pads. Some illustrations are especially charming, such as the bunny that seems to be napping in the sun with a carrot tucked under its paw. DeWitt uses colors that are attractive and fitting for each subject, but avoids tints that would glare out from the page and wake eyes that are slowly drifting shut.

A lovely book for family reading at bedtime. Highly recommended.

I received a copy from the publisher for review purposes.

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