Sunday, September 16, 2018

Giveaway The Friendship Experiment

About the book: Madeline Little is Harriet the Spy with a lab notebook in this debut novel full of heart, humor, and a dash of science. 

Everything has been going wrong for aspiring scientist Madeline Little, and she's dreading the start of sixth grade. Now that her best friend has moved to a private school, Maddie has no one to hang out with except a bunch of middle-school misfits. And if you add Maddie's blood disorder, which causes public humiliation at the very worst times, it's all a formula for disaster. At least she can rely on her standard operating procedures, the observations and step-by-step instructions she writes in her top-secret lab notebook. Procedures for how to escape a conversation with your mother, how to avoid the weirdos at school -- it's all in there. Fortunately, no one will ever read it.

But does science have all the answers? This future scientific genius might have to experiment with kindness, compromise, and new definitions of friendship before middle school starts to make sense.
(from back cover)

- - - I have an advance copy that needs a good home, so please enter.  :-)


  1. I'd love to have this book for our library! Thank you!

  2. Can't wait to read a new book about friendship and science as a bonus!

  3. Would love this book for my 4-6 graders.

  4. I was a band geek in middle school. Great friends in band.

  5. I tried to fly under the radar in Middle School. Stayed out of the drama as much as possible!
    Thanks for the chance to win a book!

  6. I was a reader in middle school. I was a "good" girl and never got in trouble. Also my mom was a secretary at my school, so I never got away with anything :)