Saturday, August 22, 2020

Summer Reading 2020 The Music Box Enigma

The Music Box Enigma (A Silas Quinn Mystery Book 7) by [R.N. Morris]

I'm new to the Silas Quinn mysteries, but that was not an impediment to enjoying this title. Historical fiction plus mystery equals an intriguing story. Set in the London of World War I, this story does an excellent job of capturing the wartime atmosphere and the social mores of the era. 

Fans of procedural police shows and vintage detective stories alike will find plenty to hold their interest as Quinn and his team from the Special Crimes Department at New Scotland Yard try to find the murderer of a renowned choir director. Someone obviously doesn't have the holiday spirit, since they stabbed him in the ear with a tuning fork during a rehearsal break for the Christmas concert.

The more the team investigates, the more enemies they uncover. Between his gambling debts, affairs, rudeness to others in the musical field...the list just keeps growing. And the odd music box that plays something that grates on the ears doesn't make sense. Why was it delivered shortly before his death - and does it hold any clues to a motive?

Existing relationships between the original members of Quinn's team and the reasons behind the newest members being assigned to his command seem to cause some of the men to distrust each other. Additional oversight by the Military Operations Directorate leads to even more tension in an already difficult situation. With all the political and personal currents beneath the surface, Quinn may be in dangerous waters as he works to solve the case. 

I read a review copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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