Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Nocturnals Grow & Read Animal Activity Book


Are you looking for activities to keep young readers engaged in learning and creating? Have you been enjoying The Nocturnals together? You need a copy of The Nocturnals Grow & Read Animal Activity Book. There are crossword puzzles, MadLib style stories, word searches, coloring pages, writing prompts, and much more. Youngsters can look for items hidden in pictures. (Remember doing that in Highlights Magazine as a kid?) Or perhaps they would rather follow the directions and learn how to draw the characters themselves. The curious can learn facts about nocturnal animals and even make their own fact cards. Mazes, logic puzzles, comic strip ideas, scrambled words, secret messages, and even family trees will provide hours of fun. Turn kiddos loose to browse and choose the page that captures their attention, or coordinate activities to accompany the title that you are currently reading from the series. Either way it will be educational and entertaining.

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