Sunday, July 11, 2021

Summer Reading 2021 Deadly Business

I've enjoyed the Tracker series by Anita Dickason, so I wondered whether I would like a story without those familiar characters just as much. I need not have worried. These characters are just as interesting and entertaining. U.S. Deputy Marshal Piper McKay is tough and smart; she doesn't let her gender or attractive appearance stand in the way of doing her job or taking care of her family. A Special Ranger is caught up in the investigation as Piper tries to find out what happened to put her grandmother in the hospital with her skull fractured. Local law enforcement officers are chauvinistic, insular, and either incompetent, lazy, or in the pay of the villains. Financial shenanigans, shady contracts, cattle rustling, and murder attempts all keep the investigation running in several directions at once. There is also a physical attraction between Piper and one of the cowboys who works for the cattle auction - but can she be sure he isn't part of what is going on? 

For those readers like me who have not heard of Special Rangers before, there is information about them in the back matter, along with more details about the U.S. Marshal Service, and about the use of DNA by the cattle industry. I also appreciate Anita's way of portraying law enforcement based on her own years of experience as an officer. 

I recommend this to readers of action thrillers with an investigative element. 

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