Saturday, February 12, 2022

Winter Reading 2022 Our World Is a Family


Anyone looking for a simple introduction to why families relocate to new homes in unfamiliar places should pick up a copy of this book by the founder of Miry's List (a nonprofit organization that helps refugee families resettle in the U.S.).  The book begins by pointing out that families live in a variety of places and speak many different languages around the world, but sometimes conditions become unsafe and they must find a new home. It shares the long journeys, leaving behind possessions or even relatives, and arriving tired and unsure in a different place. But then it moves into how we can help a new neighbor to feel welcome and settle in - things as simple as a smile, a wave, or a housewarming gift. 

Illustrations throughout the book depict families of many backgrounds and cultures. Even the endpapers are covered with the phrase, "I am here" in various languages. The unsafe conditions are represented by scenes such as families being rescued from a flood or children waving to each other from their windows because they can't go out to play - there are no horrific details that would be too frightening for young readers. The characters themselves have a wide range of skin tones, clothing, and other distinguishing features. The visual presentation along with the text make the entire book feel welcoming and supportive.

For more information about Miry's List, visit the website at or watch Miry's TEDTalk on How to Be a Good Neighbor.

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