Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Summer Reading 2022 Deadly Keepsakes


I was first introduced to Anita Dickason's writing through her Tracker series, which features FBI agents in suspense-filled action. When I heard that the new Tori Winters series would be more in the cozy mystery line, I was curious. After all, if Anita does the FBI stories so well, what would a mystery with more "everyday" characters be like from her pen?

Tori is a hospice nurse who decides to leave town after involvement in a court case costs her any sense of safety. Learning that she has a surprise inheritance in the town of Granbury, Texas, she packs up and hits the road. She is surprised to learn that she is the new owner of an historic home and property, as well as a healthy bank account.  What is even more of a shock is the determination from her lawyers and accountant to push her to sell the house before she has even spent a night in it. Why is everyone so set on her making a real estate deal instead of fixing up the house and living there? 

The characters are a lot of fun - whether the reader chooses to love or hate them. Tori is a resilient and determined woman who has been through some tough times lately, but still has plenty of backbone when it is needed. The female friends she begins to make in town are helpful, warm, and supportive - just what a gal with a mystery on her hands needs. The snooty real estate family, the accountant who seems reluctant to let a woman handle her own finances, and the father and son lawyer team all seem to know something that Tori doesn't - but they aren't sharing any information. And what about the step-cousin she has never heard of?

The setting with the small town gossip mill, the wealthy family which tries to lord it over everyone else, and the checkered past of Tori's family all provide a great sense of location, both geographical and historical. If you enjoy stories with family secrets, spooky noises in the middle of the night, a few close calls, and a surprising ending - then grab a copy of Deadly Keepsakes. You will probably wind up reading it in one sitting - just as I did. 

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