Sunday, December 11, 2022

Fall Reading 2022 The Most Magnificent Idea


Anyone who has read The Most Magnificent Thing (August 2013), knows that the protagonist of this book is a world class tinkerer and maker. In that earlier story she used perseverance and problem-solving to turn the idea in her head into an actual object. But this time she has a bigger problem - she is out of ideas! "Her brain is an idea machine. It's so full of ideas that her hands can barely keep up." So having a day where no ideas pop into her head, not even when she takes a walk, tries new activities, or holds her breath is distressing. "Without ideas taking up space, her brain fills up with sad instead."

Watching the girl try out swimming, dancing, and even playing the tuba (while her dog covers his ears), gives readers a sense of how to deal with a lack of inspiration by taking a break and doing something different for a while. The fact that she has already completed so many projects should reassure children that even those who are the best at something can have an off day. And, if that doesn't convince them, they can take a look at the project she puts together without a plan. "Well, let's just say it's not her best work," the author comments. 

In the end, just as one would hope - inspiration does strike and both the inventor and her neighbor (as well as the neighbor's cat) are pleased with the results. This is another great book to use with a STEM theme, to introduce the idea of tinkering and making, or to emphasize life skills such as persistence and patience.

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