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Lulu the Beaver

Written by Bethany Gano

Ages 5+ | 48 Pages

Publisher: Bunny Books | ISBN-13: 9781736147269

Publisher’s Book Summary: In a colony full of busy beavers, one bashful beaver is hiding a gigantic secret.

Lulu tries to be a typical beaver, but her dream of being an artist is getting out! Despite her friends’ encouragement, Lulu’s struggle with fear and self-doubt has led her into a pattern of destroying her artwork — until an unexpected encounter changes Lulu, and the forest, for good.

With funny asides, sound effects, and elements of comic-book style, this eye-opening tale urges kids to confront gloomy thinking and gives them the courage to bravely share their gifts.

“The idea of feeling…boxed in by others’ expectations…is a complicated subject to tackle, but Gano handles it deftly. Gano’s evocative text, combined with her dynamic and multihued mixed media illustrations, make for an immersive and atmospheric reading experience.”

BookLife Review, Editor’s Pick

“[Lulu] loves the rhythms of the world and cherishes her forest neighbors — but she also dreams in color and yearns to chew stumps into shapes. Ebullience ferries this inspiring tale forward, and the revelation of Lulu’s beautiful differences is a triumphant moment for all.”

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Lulu has a problem, one that many of us may find familiar. She worries about meeting the expectations of her family and community. She has internalized the stereotype of beavers as efficient, hard-working, and focused on building. So when she yearns to make art, she feels that she must squelch that desire and buckle down even more to her daily round of chomping trees and building lodges. Even when her friends encourage her to branch out (excuse the tree pun), she pushes the thought away and “wishes she could disappear like her artwork.” Readers will be rooting for her to let go of the way things have always been and follow her inspiration.

Vibrant mixed media illustrations give a peek inside Lulu’s daydreams, as well as the doubts that hold her back. “I could write a story” versus “You should chomp trees.” Or “paint a landscape” versus “You’re a beaver, not an artist.” When Lulu straps on a borrowed jetpack, we see technicolor stripes blasting out as she whizzes through a library, a theater, and a beautiful landscape. When she is “finally ready to follow her heart”  it is the end of letting “all of Lulu’s coulds” be swallowed up by shoulds.” 

A perfect read for anyone feeling bashful, hesitant about stepping out of their comfort zone, or nervous about taking a chance on something new. 


Bethany Gano’s first large-scale work of art landed all over her parent’s kitchen floor — despite her witty, four-year-old attempt to give credit for the fine piece to her imaginary friends! She never stopped creating, though, and eventually learned the best places to display her artwork. Bethany has worked in the commercial arts for over twenty years and loves storytelling through art and design. She is extra fond of picture books — a place where art and words can’t survive without each other. Lulu the Beaver is her debut picture book.

Off the clock, you can find Bethany covered in paint, playing board games, swimming, daydreaming at the beach, and attempting to walk her dogs. She, her husband, three kids (and other furry and scaly family members) call Central Florida home.

For more information, visit: bethanygano.com.






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