Friday, November 10, 2023

Fall Reading 2023 The Twelve Books of Christmas


Yes, that's right - Brooklyn can't even get through a Christmas season without being pulled into a mystery. She and Derek are invited back to Loch Ness to attend the wedding of their friends Claire and Cameron. And while they are there perhaps they can help locate a dozen books that have gone missing from the castle's library. Spending the holidays in a genuine Scottish castle seems like a great way to relax and enjoy Christmas and New Year's Day, but not when the murders begin. 

Who could be behind the deaths? Is it part of a plot in the village to drive Claire away? Does it have anything to do with the loud and mysterious noises that fill the castle's halls at night? How did the missing books, which all relate to Christmas, vanish from a locked library? What is up with the very pushy young woman Bitsy who keeps trying to insinuate herself between Claire and Cameron? And why has Cameron's father not bothered to get in touch for the holidays or the wedding?

There seem to be more questions than Brooklyn and Derek can answer, even with the help of Brooklyn's parents and Derek's former partner Gwyneth. Readers will be looking for hidden undercurrents in each conversation, scrutinizing each scene for a clue that the characters have overlooked, and adding suspects to their list. Is there more than one criminal at work? Are the deaths and the missing books connected or do they have two separate perpetrators?

With all the descriptions of Scottish holiday traditions and delicious foods prepared by the castle's chef, the story is sure to be a pleasant holiday escape for readers of cozy mysteries - even if Brooklyn and the gang reach the solution before we do.

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