Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Reading 2014 Lost in Babylon (Seven Wonders #2)

The kids from the Karai Institute are back again in another incredible adventure. At the end of the first book (The Colossus Rises), Marco was missing along with the first Loculus that the team had found. Readers have been told that the island of Atlantis sank because the seven Loculi which contained all the energy sources for the island were stolen away by Prince Massarym and that his brother Prince Karai tried to stop him. Descendants of Atlantis have an unusual gene that gives them amazing abilities, but also kills them before their 14th birthday. The KI was formed to find the Loculi and a cure for the descendants. A rival group, the Massa, are trying to stop them and find the artifacts for themselves.

This time the KI finally pick up the signal from Marco's tracer and follow it to the Euphrates River. Marco tells Aly, Cass, and Jack he has found an entrance to Babylon and he believes another Loculus is hidden there. Is it true? Is there another magical artifact from the lost kingdom of Atlantis hidden on the other side of the strange portal? Will they be able to find it before the Massa find them? How can the Hanging Gardens of Babylon contain the next Loculus when the gardens have been gone for centuries?

If you enjoy exotic world locations, learning about the history of ancient places like the pyramids, and adventure similar to that found in The 39 Clues, then you will jump right into this series. We have both books in the library and will add the others when they are published. The trailer explains the idea behind the series.


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