Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Reading 2014 Kat McGee Saves America


This is the third adventure for Kat McGee. The first two adventures involved the holidays of Halloween and Christmas, but now she is caught up in preparations for July 4th. In the town of Totsville where Kat lives, there are 3 days of celebrations with the big parade and fireworks display on Independence Day. Kat dreams of being the student ambassador that helps to lead the volunteers running all the activities, but she is late getting to the meeting and the vote takes place without her. Disappointed, she decides that voting is overrated and that she will not participate in any of the holiday events. Her grandmother is worried that Kat and her siblings are unaware of the true reasons behind the holiday and so she takes the whole group on a field trip to Philadelphia.

The real adventure begins while they are all at the museum looking at the American History displays. Suddenly, Kat is behind the scenes and all the mannequins from the displays are actually alive (like "Night at the Museum"). The famous figures are in a panic because Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence have disappeared. Kat must find the missing author and his document before it is too late and the destiny of the United States is changed forever. While she is on her mission to find Thomas Jefferson, Kat meets other important men of the time - John Adams and his son, Benjamin Franklin, and even Paul Revere. Slowly, she learns the concepts and ideals of the founding fathers and comes to appreciate them. You'll have to read and find out if her belief in independence, democracy, and equality enables her in her quest.

This chapter book is about the length of a Magic Tree House story and, similar to that series, it also involves a young person of our time meeting famous historical characters. Readers of the Tree House books or Ron Roy's Capital Mysteries will probably enjoy Kat and her efforts to save various holidays. Even those who are not history buffs can enjoy the mystery and excitement.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley. It will be released in stores on June 1, 2014.

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