Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Reading 2015 Arivaca


It seems as though teens and young adults being chosen or fated to be some sort of warriors defending mankind from evil has become a new hot topic. (Think of the Legion books by Kami Garcia, for instance.) In this case, Jesse Ballard is a young man with incredible athletic prowess who winds up with the wrong group of acquaintances just when they decide to rob a convenience store. He gets sentenced to a year on a ranch that is a reform program for troubled boys, Arivaca. But one of the ranch hands tells him that this has all been destined, and he is actually a Protector, chosen by God to keep the Breastplate of Aaron out of Satan's hands. You can imagine how well that goes over. Eventually Jesse does come to believe what Paco has been trying to tell him and he begins to use his amazing physical abilities to fight the evil ones trying to steal the breastplate.

The idea of a reform ranch and using horses as a therapeutic tool to break through all the defenses and prickly barriers that troubled teens use to keep others at a distance makes sense. And there are other real world issues that crop up in the story, along with the spiritual ones. The Border Patrol, illegal immigrants, mule trains, and even the Mexican Mafia, are mixed in with the typical belligerence and rebellion of nearly 50 teenage boys. And if the testosterone drama and looming danger aren't enough to keep your attention, there is also some romance mixed in, too.

If you enjoy action and suspense with some romantic possibilities sprinkled in and a touch of history and legend to explain all the strange coincidences and unusual abilities, this is a good series for you.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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