Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer Reading 2015 Maggi and Milo


Maggi and Milo are a great pair. Maggi is an "excellent adventurer, a pretty-good songwriter, a bit of a scientist, and Milo's very best friend. Milo is a dog." So begins the wonderful story of an adventure sparked by a gift package from a grandmother who obviously pays attention. The package contains new blue boots and a book about frogs, everything needed to go frog hunting. So the next morning, our companions are off to the pond.

The narration is funny and some of the comments will have even adult readers laughing out loud. For instance, when Maggi's brother rolls his eyes at her and the story says, "Apparently this is how twelve-year-olds communicate." Anyone who knows a tween or teen will have to agree.

The illustrations by Priscilla Burris match the tone of the story and the personalities of characters so well, that I can't imagine any other artist doing a better job. Maggi's vivaciousness and Milo's good humor shine through on every page.

This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for read-alouds and bedtimes. I read it all week to groups from kindergarten through third grade and they all loved it. Don't worry that boys won't like a female protagonist - the inclusion of Milo and lots of frogs makes up for it.

The author, Julie Brenning, sent plush versions of Maggi and Milo along with their book to visit our school and we were very gald to have them. I hope the other schools they visit this year enjoy them as much as we did. To keep up with their travels, follow Maggi's and Milo's travel blog and to see more information about the creators of this adorable duo, visit

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  1. This cover is adorable! The story sounds like it will be a hit with children. Great review. Thanks for sharing. :)