Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Reading 2016 My Dog Is the Best


My dog is the best. Doesn't everyone think that about their furry companion? But the narrator in Thompson's book presents lots of reasons why the dog in question is the absolute best. There are all the things he can do - play dead, roll over, play ball or tug or chase. There are his amazing qualities - he's brave and strong, he's smart, he reads books. But best of all, "he's mine." And that says it all.

The clean, spare illustrations don't clutter up the page with extra details. The child, the dog, and a few props show everything that is important. The style reminds me of Harold and the Purple Crayon. The child is not named or identified by gender, so any reader can picture themselves in that role. The round, sleepy dog is sure to make even the most canine phobic reader feel safe. And the humor of the story comes through between the lines in the way that the child labels what the dog does. For instance, "He blows bubbles." is depicted as the dog asleep on his back and the child holding the bubble wand over his mouth so that when he breathes (or snores), he makes the bubbles without even trying.

This is a book that will have even the youngest readers laughing at the child's statements and actions. They may even try to replicate some of the scenes, such as taping paper spines to the sleeping dog to make him into a dinosaur. Be prepared to have this book asked for at bedtime again and again because children will love the book almost as much as they love their dogs.

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*Update 08/01/2016 We have added this book to the Fairview library.

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