Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter Reading 2017 Click, Clack, Surprise!


Little Duck is turning one and every animal on the farm is getting ready for the big party. Even Farmer Brown is in on it, baking and decorating a cake for the occasion. But problems arise when Little Duck decides to imitate the methods that the other animals use to primp for the party. All the guests are in for a very big surprise indeed!

Cronin and Lewin have added another winner to the Click Clack oeuvre. All the familiar animals are present, and watching them clean up to attend the celebration is sure to induce giggles. The sheep "snippity-clip, snippity-clip, snippity-clip clean," so that they go from looking like small white Sasquatches to something more similar to prize poodles. The rollicking, repetitive language will pull readers in and have them chanting along. 

I dare any parent or teacher to read it with a straight face as they come across the image of Farmer Brown strapping on an apron, or the phrase "Mice are floating past the window." (Say what? Yes, they are flying along, hanging onto the ribbons of balloons.) Or the illustration of Little Duck scrubbing his back with a brush bigger than he is.And then there is the page that shows the various animals canceling each of the party games. Imagine the explanations and discussions with youngsters about why Donkey would want to cancel Pin the Tail on the Donkey. That will be a lively talk.

Fans of the creative duo and the previous books set on the farm will be very happy to see this new one. New readers who have not encountered Duck and Farmer Brown before will be introduced to a whole new set of characters that they will want to add to their favorites.

I won a copy of the book in a giveaway.

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