Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Giveaway Celebrating Megan McDonald's National Schools Webcast

Register for the Megan McDonald National Schools Webcast!

Uber-RARE event alert! Candlewick Press is hosting a webcast with best-selling children’s book author and Judy Moody and Stink creator Megan McDonald on May 3, 2017, at 1 p.m. ET. And your class is invited to participate—for FREE!

Register and submit your questions for Megan here.

While you are waiting for the webcast, please enter the giveaway for a chance to win a boxed set of Judy Moody books. Good luck!

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  1. My kids love the Judy Moody books!!!! I have to purchase new ones each year!!!

  2. Michelle A. Gallatin, MO

    "When did you first discover Judy Moody books?"
    I first discovered Judy Moody books when starting as an elementary librarian (from working many years in a secondary school before that)... and a student asked where the "Moody" books were. Of course, I started looking in the early deweys for books on emotion. Ha! Won't ever make that mistake again!

  3. Barb McAlester When I was a librarian.

  4. Amanda Roxboro
    I discovered Judy Moody back in 2011. It was a great book for my students who loved Junie B. but needed a more challenging book. I really like the one that takes place on Ocracoke Island!

  5. Colette, Dallas, TX, I was introduced to Judy and her brother Stink at least 10 years ago. My students have read and enjoyed her books so much we have had to lay several of them to rest as they were read and loved to death!

  6. Karen, El Paso, TX. I discovered Judy Moody as a new librarian. A third grade teacher and her students turned me on to them.

  7. I am so excited about this Webcast! I am emailing my teachers right after I finish commenting. I would also be thrilled to win this boxed set for my library. My Judy Moody books get so much "love" that many of them are falling apart. :)

    I am so excited- I forget what I am supposed to include.
    srobinson at region15 dot org
    Middlebury, CT
    School Media Specialist
    (hope that covers it)

  8. Maureen, Anchorage. Discovered Judy Moody when I started my career as en elementary school librarian.

  9. REALLY noticed her books, when boys started checking out Stink!

  10. Bea from Chicago. I first learned of Judy Moody when I began volunteering in after school activities.

  11. My name is Lee. My city Garland. Have to admit this is the first time I have heard about Judy. Glad I have these books look great.