Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring Reading 2017 Ella and Owen and the Cave of Aaaaah! Doom!


Ella and Owen have their own series of highly illustrated chapter books, much like the Branches books from Scholastic - Kung Pow Chicken, Eerie Elementary, etc. These twin dragons are very different from each other. Owen likes to stay in with his books, Ella wants to go out and have an adventure. When she manages to convince Owen that if he comes along he can add to his collection of ogre toenails (Gross!), they set off to find Dragon Wizard Orlock Morlock. Perhaps he will even have a cure for Owen's cold. Along the way they run into sprites, ogres, a wicked wizard waffle, and even spells to transform them into flying bunny rabbits.

There is plenty of humor, action, and cliffhangers. The illustrations play up the personalities of the twins as well as the comic elements of their situations. Readers who are making the transition from picture books to chapter books will feel comfortable with the balance of text and pictures in this story and the others in the series. Having a brother and sister as the main characters also means the book is equally appealing to boys and girls. If readers enjoy this story, they have the benefit of looking forward to the other titles in the series, including The Attack of the Stinky Fish Monster and The Evil Pumpkin Pie Fight. What more could you ask for?

I received a copy from the publisher for review purposes.

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