Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 Max and Bird


Rejoice - Max is back! This time Max has a new friend, Bird. They have a problem, because Max is a kitten and kittens chase and eat birds. Max thinks this sounds like a good plan, but Bird points out that "friends don't eat each other up!" This prompts Max to think things over. After some thought, they agree to help each other, because that is what friends do. I love the way Max and Bird head to the library when they have a question. Bird tells Max, "Libraries know everything." The scenes of the friends looking at the shelves and reading together in a cozy armchair surrounded by books will make you want to rush to the nearest library and collect a stack of your own reading material.

As I've mentioned before, the illustrations of Max in his books are wonderful. So much personality is packed into such a tiny body that it nearly bursts off the page. Bird with his little wings on his feathery hips lectures Max on being a friend and we can feel the force of his argument. The images of both friends flapping their arms/wings as hard as they can, eyes squeezed tight in concentration and a result of "Zilch" will have everyone laughing. But my favorite would have to be the two friends curled up asleep together and both dreaming of flying - Bird winging across the sky with Max right beside him in a superhero cape.

If you are looking for friendship stories (unlikely friends), stories of learning a new skill, or stories of perseverance, then you need a copy of Max and Bird. Of course, all those of us who are already fans of Max need one, too. Highly recommended.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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