Friday, September 15, 2017

Summer Reading 2017 Masterpiece Mix


The title page gives us a sense of potential with its tubes of paint lying on blank background. What will they be used for? Then we turn the page to see an artist walking along a city street and we read, "Today I will make a new painting." A-ha, now we know what those paints are for. Our narrator takes us through the steps of prepping a canvas and gathering supplies, but then we are staring at the empty canvas along with her as she asks, "But what should I paint?" As the artist ponders, we are introduced to the various kinds of paintings and art- still life, landscapes, portraits, figure studies - and each spread shows several examples of the form being discussed. The final project takes the city we have seen glimpses of and incorporates each of the inspiration pieces the artist shared with us. She tells us that her father always says, "Do what you really love." It is obvious that she loves her town and the artwork she has studied.

The entire process of making a painting - from stretching your own canvas, to choosing a style and subject is covered in this story. All of the masterpieces shown are age-appropriate and have content young readers can identify (people, animals, fruit, etc.) The final spread of the finished "new painting" can become a look-and-find game as readers try to locate each of the masterpieces that is woven into the finished scene. Especially handy for art teachers and readers curious about the artwork is a key in the back which identifies each piece. The name of the artwork, its creator, the date, and something about the style or school the artist was known for. 

Great for young readers who are drawn to detailed illustrations, aspiring artists, and art teachers.

I received a review copy from the publisher for review purposes.

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