Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fearless Women and Unsung Heroes by Reynolds & Calver

Fearless Women: Courageous Females Who Refused to Be Denied
Unsung Heroes: Fearless Men and Women Who Changed the World

Grades 5 - 8 A series dedicated to men and women who have shown courage in their convictions. Each volume introduces 28 such individuals, who represent a mix of ages, nationalities, and areas of influence. Eight additional short profiles can be found in the back matter of each volume and offer a few more examples. Scientists, sports stars, activists, and artists each have a one-page profile and an accompanying full-page portrait. The entries describe any lasting legacies such as foundations, initiatives, or charities begun by or named after the individuals. The portraits are stylized representations taken from photos or other recognizable images. The authors include negative facts along with the positive accomplishments. For instance, the text mentions that some people believe Margaret Thatcher’s policies "cost millions of workers their livelihoods,” and that the work of Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards (developers of in vitro fertilization) was viewed as “meddling with nature” by religious groups.  The profiles are not arranged in any discernible order. VERDICT: An additional purchase for libraries looking for more collected biographies.

My review of these titles (from the Real Lives collection by Barron's Educational Series), was originally published in the May 2017 issue of School Library Journal, pp. 123-124.

Reynolds, Toby & Paul Calver. Fearless Women: Courageous Females Who Refused To Be Denied. ISBN 9780764168864
----------. Unsung Heroes: Fearless Men and Women Who Changed the World. ISBN 9780764168871.
ea vol: 64 p. (Real Lives). illus. index. Barron's. Apr. 2017. Tr $8.99.

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