Friday, November 23, 2018

Fall Reading 2018 Max and the Midknights

Anyone who has read the Big Nate stories will recognize the style and humor of Lincoln Peirce immediately when they look at a copy of Max and the Midknights. Max is apprenticed to Uncle Budrick, a troubadour who isn't very talented. What Max really dreams of is becoming a knight. Through a series of misadventures including (but not limited to), a town under the control of a tyrant, an evil witch, a banished knight, a child trapped in a tower, and even a dragon...Max may just find a way to make that dream come true.

As Max and Budrick travel, readers will hear of how Budrick became a troubadour and the family's ties to Byjovia. They will also meet assorted characters that will help or hinder them. Max also explains to readers about life in the Middle Ages. "That means a lot of important stuff hasn't been invented yet. Like paved roads, the toothbrush, and a little convenience known as indoor plumbing." (What can I say? Max tells it like it is.) Readers also learn that "there actually IS a Troubadour Hall of Fame...Worst gift shop ever." 

One of my favorite characters is Kevyn, who hopes to be a writer even though children must learn their family trade and his father works with horses. Kevyn dreams of books that hold "Stories of great events and grand adventures! Tales of knights, kings, and magical creatures!" Sounds like the story he is a part of, doesn't it?

If you enjoy humor, adventure, the kind of stories that Kevyn dreams of, or any tale where the underdogs are fighting against the evil ruler of the land, then pick up a copy of Max and the Midknights. (On sale January 8, 2019)

I read an advance copy supplied by the publisher for review purposes.

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