Saturday, April 6, 2019

Spring Reading 2019 Biomes: Discover the Earth's Ecosystems


Part of the Build It Environmental Series from Nomad Press, Biomes takes readers on a tour of the major life zones on planet Earth. As each biome is introduced, its major characteristics are described, as well as some of its more prominent flora and fauna. Photos show pink fairy armadillos, corpse flowers, and pygmy tarsiers, while the text explains the effects of  climate change and human actions on the biomes. 

The books has many useful features, including: essential questions to encourage critical thinking during reading, "Words to Know" defines vocabulary (also included in the glossary), QR codes offer access to videos and helpful websites, and there are also "Did You Know?" sidebars with interesting facts about word origins, statistics, etc.

Perhaps the most helpful feature are the activity guides. After each section there are directions on how to make recycled paper, create a food chain flipbook, bake honey wheat bread, and other hands-on experiences that bring the learning to a practical application.

Between the interesting projects, the riveting photos, and informative text, there is an amazing amount of information. The addition of comic panels that show youngsters discussing the various biomes adds the allure of entertainment to the mix. 

This is an excellent resource for science classes looking for activities to balance out more sedentary learning.

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