Saturday, April 20, 2019

Spring Reading 2019 I Was an Outer-Space Chicken


When friends Lamar and Lexie accuse each other of being chicken, they have no idea that they will be overheard by an alien who is collecting animals for her planet's zoo. Once on board the alien ship, the kids have to use their math skills to prove to their captor, Fooz, that they are not chickens. Solving the problem of how much to feed the other specimens Fooz has collected may prove their intelligence level, but they will still need to help refuel the ship to make it back to Earth. There are encounters with creatures that resemble Bigfoot, a lake of fludge that can disintegrate what it touches, and even talking green rabbits! But with each encounter, their math skills help them survive and continue their trip home.

For math teachers looking for ways to incorporate fun challenges into their classes, this series offers stories with a dash of excitement, danger, and plenty of chances to flex math muscles. I read an ARC provided by the publisher for review purposes. The book will be released in July 2019.

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