Thursday, October 24, 2019

Fall Reading 2019 - Kinkajous and Pomelos - Oh, My!


Author Tracey Hecht continues to adapt her wonderful Nocturnals stories for younger readers.

In The Kooky Kinkajou, the friends meet an animal with a very vivid imagination. Karina the kinkajou pretends that a weeping willow is a waterfall and the stars overhead are a "sparkle sprite spectacular." While Tobin and Dawn are willing to play along and have some fun with their new acquaintance,  Bismark is sure the whole thing is "ballyhoo." Can the grumpy sugar glider do a "switcheroo" and embrace the make-believe fun?

The Tasty Treat has a different challenge for the Nocturnals to face - finding a snack. Dawn the fox and Tobin the pangolin go looking for something to eat and come across their friend, Bismark the sugar glider. And, luckily for the friends, this sugar glider also brings a delicious pomelo fruit to share. What could be better than a moonlight picnic with pals?

The Nocturnals stories show that three very different friends can cooperate, face challenges, and have fun together. Dawn has the patience and wisdom of a leader. Tobin can be timid, but is kind and willing to take risks for the sake of his friends. Bismark is small but bold, and very dramatic. Back matter in each of the books includes facts about the various nocturnal animals, and there are also downloadable activities online at

For youngsters who love stories with animal characters, or those whose older siblings have read the Nocturnals chapter books, these leveled readers are the perfect way to enter the nighttime adventures of these charming friends.

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