Thursday, November 28, 2019

Fall Reading 2019 Sleep: How Nature Gets Its Rest

This comparison of the various ways and places that animals sleep is a perfect bedtime book. Mixed media illustrations show a dog and cat snoozing on a rag rug, a harvest mouse in her nest, and penguins on the ice. Readers learn that rhinos sleep alone, while meerkats sleep in a heap. The added touch of having the text printed upside down just like the sleeping sloth will amuse readers, although they may wonder why the words are not printed the same way on the page about bats. Juxtaposing the hibernating bears with the ants sleeping "only a few minutes at a time" is another eye-catching spread. Back matter offers more facts about the various animals which could not be included on the main pages with their single sentences.

After seeing all the sleeping animals, it will be hard for youngsters not to start yawning and thinking of their own comfy beds.

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