Thursday, November 28, 2019

Fall Reading 2019 Welcome Home: Where Nature's Most Creative Creatures Dwell

Quirky illustrations accompany simple text to introduce the names of various animal homes. Two spreads are used for each animal. The first pairs a single sentence and an illustration of the natural dwelling, then a second spread pictures the animal in a human home of the same name. For instance, beavers are shown entering and exiting their watery lodge; then they are shown lounging around a ski lodge and enjoying winter sports on the slopes of the resort. Other animals in the book include otters, lions, pigs, red pandas, dolphins, pigeons, and prairie dogs.

The balance of fact and fancy makes this a fun read for children and adults, and the scenes of the animals in human homes offer plenty of details to capture attention and stimulate discussion. This could be a read-aloud to enjoy at home, or used as part of a classroom unit on animals and animal homes. Either way, readers will learn a bit about nature and have a good time doing so. This is Lisa Mundorff's debut as a picture book author.

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